"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read." - - Mark Twain logo graphic black star image


Is your company message aligned with your vision? Does your blog or chat line just need that little bit more? Are your procedures useful to your employees and customers?

Shelly is very, very good with words. She can unwrap the meaning in legal text, clarify financials, speak directly to your audience with understanding and purpose. She can streamline your documentation to enhance its message, flow, and clarity.

She can help you with...   

Technical Publications Writing - technical documentation, marketing materials, white papers, copy writing, Web copy, magazine and trade publication articles, product and service manuals

Editing - overall flow and structure of the manuscript, content and context editing, grammatical, word choice, proofreading

Process Documentation - Revising and improving internal processes and developing them into a set of concise, consistent instructions that provide the information when it's needed and align internal processes with the company's vision

Inspirational/Topic-driven Writing - inspirational or topic-specific short posts for social media that will engage clients and provide a positive, value-added experience for them, articles, case studies, white papers, support training materials, website content, and any other value-added form of written material to support your business, workshop, and class offerings

Shelly has over twenty years of senior-level experience as a technical writer. She is always ready for a new challenge or project! She has also followed her own writing pursuits outside of her career, which include being a published author and creating/managing several sucessful websites following interests she's passionate about.

You can reach Shelly to discuss how she can support your writing and editing needs via email at talktome@shellyhazard.com and through LinkedIn and FaceBook.