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Ready to accommodate all of your writing and editing needs!

Shelly is a freelance writer and editor, with a wide range of experience in writing both technical and marketing-oriented materials. Quick to jump in, confident and capable, Shelly has over ten years of senior-level experience and is always ready for a new challenge or project!

She can help you with...   

Writing - technical documentation, marketing materials, white papers, copy writing, Web copy, magazine and trade publication articles, product and service manuals, process documentation, and more.

Editing - content and context editing, grammatical, word choice, and proofreading.

Shelly has worked with people from all over the world, both onsite and offsite, collaborating on cross-division product documentation and leading the documentation efforts for new products.

Her technically-oriented background includes an engineering degree and work as a technician, enabling her to excel at the difficult task of translating extremely technical explanations into layman's terms. Coupled with her understanding of process, she's very competent and capable at producing project documentation under tight deadlines. Shelly takes deadlines very seriously. She always strives to communicate and work with other functional groups to ensure that the documentation is ready when it needs to be. While she's always a team player, she's also comfortable working alone and/or independently.

She is experienced in writing for world-wide audiences and has a great command of the English language, as demonstrated by the rich vocabulary she uses in her writing. Her understanding of English, coupled with excellent attention to the details, also makes her a very good editor, especially of more technically-oriented content.

Shelly is also a published author. She has credits for various magazine articles in trade and consumer publications.


Recent Projects:
Lexicon - Hyundai Genesis website
Shelly wrote all of the copy for the Hyundai Genesis mini-website, which features the car's Lexicon audio system.

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