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Shelly's Sites:

Home of the highly-popular interactive logic puzzles, Shelly's puzzle site has been running since early 2001. Owned, managed, and written by Shelly, the site features a variety of word and logic puzzles designed for puzzle enthusiasts of all ages.

This e-commerce site represents a growing business she shares with her sister - handmade crafted items for the home. The site is owned, managed, and written by Shelly.

This second e-commerce site is also part of Purrfect Pastimes and is focused on the quilting side of the business. The site features original quilting patterns, kits, cotton fabrics, and various other quilting-related items, as well as free articles and patterns. The site is owned, managed and written by Shelly. In addition, she writes all of the articles and pattern instructions.

Other Sites that Shelly has worked with:

Lexicon - Hyundai Genesis website Shelly wrote all of the copy for the Hyundai Genesis mini-website, which features the car's Lexicon-brand audio system.

Shelly has provided web maintenance services on an on-call basis, updating available items pages, adding pictures, and occasionally adding new sections or redesigning specific pages.


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