"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read." - - Mark Twain logo graphic



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A published writer, Shelly has written everything from technical service manuals to marketing brochures, from user guides to acceptance tests, from magazine articles to fictional stories, from white papers to poetry. She believes in writing for a wide range of audiences and styles to keep herself flexible and able to adapt to writing in any style or format, as needed. She has been praised by past employers for having a clear and precise writing style.

She especially shines when writing procedures or technical documentation. Her engineering background gives her the common ground needed to converse at the designer's level, allowing her to grasp new concepts and technology quickly. Her methodical approach and attention to detail ensures that nothing "falls through the cracks" during the development process.

Shelly has written full document sets for new projects, turned the scribbled notes of engineers into theory of operation sections, used the recording of a marketing presentation as the basis for a white paper, developed a new document system for a cross-division product, created process flows, written radio spots for public service announcements, and participated in many other projects over the years.

But the technical aspect of writing is not all that makes the final product - Shelly excels at taking complicated technically-focused information and "translating" it to the appropriate level for the document's audience.

Her quick and ready wit can add zing to your white papers. Shelly is a very versatile writer - she can adapt her writing to fit any style, format, or audience.

Her current personal projects include a science fiction novel, a set of learning activity books for children that will incorporate her puzzles, and a series of instructions for setting up rented disc jockey and sound equipment (this last is in support of her husband and his company).

“Let criticism do what it may, writers will write, printers will print, and the world will inevitably be overstocked with good books.”
- - Washington Irving, “The Mutability of Literature” from The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent., 1832


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